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Style Arts amb esforços incansables i recerca persistent de l'art, basant-se en la rica experiència i recursos acumulats en projectes a gran escala, SA ha dut a terme més de 5,000 tipus de projectes i projectes artístics a tot el món.
Hotel de tema
  • Hotel Chimelong Hengqin Bay

  • Wynn Palace Macau

  • Messilla Beach Hotel Kuwait

  • Chimelong Penguin Hotel


  • Louis XIII Hotel, Macau


    El projecte de la cúpula de l'hotel H1A d'Universal Studios Beijing

    Per al projecte Beijing Universal Studios, la nostra empresa va dur a terme converses acadèmiques estretes i va col·laborar amb el Dr. Feng Peng de l'Institut de Materials no metàl·lics de la Universitat de Tsinghua.

    Mitjançant el desenvolupament innovador d'un nou material UHPC, l'ús del disseny del sistema BIM i la demostració d'un disseny estructural enginyós, la solució perfecta per a la dificultat de la construcció de la cúpula de l'hotel: a una altitud de 50-60 metres, la cúpula està feta de no -materials metàl·lics (per evitar interferències amb l'estació de radar), FRP s'utilitza com a costella estructural i s'utilitza el producte UHPC d'un sol xip de 12 metres de llarg per completar la forma.

    Després de moltes discussions, pràctiques i suport de consultors i experts xinesos i nord-americans, la verificació es va completar i va ser molt reconeguda pel propietari.

    Chimelong Penguin Hotel (GRC+GRG)

    Zhuhai Chimelong Penguin Hotel - the world's largest penguin polar theme hotel with a total construction area of approximately 180,000 square meters; The hotel has 1888 guest suites and 5 distinctive themed restaurants, as well as a large food court and commercial street; With the theme of penguins, combined with the marine meaning and the bright colors of the beach, it creates a relaxed atmosphere for a holiday.

    Style Arts did: GRG in the hotel lobby, GRC in the hotel facade, GRG in the Emperor Penguin cafeteria, GRG in the Fireworks Taichung Restaurant, and GRC in the Fountain Square Restaurant. Decorative column of outer gallery(GRC TCP), Styling and lines of Lobby(GRG) , Penguin-themed Restaurant and Cafeteria(GRG decorative column, penguin decorative panels)

    Zhuhai chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel Project
    Zhuhai Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel (20billion investment)is a 6 stars hotel, covering an area of 300000 square meters, with a total number of 1888 rooms. Styleart has the honour to take part in the detail design and supply of GRG,GRC,TCP products and got an opportunity to work closely with the famous excellent artists to complete the project.

    LISBOA PALACE HOTEL & CASINO CENTER PROJECT(Podium: GRC, South Facade: GRP, Indoor Main Dome: GRG, Entrance Ceiling: GRG, Facia: GRC)

    In this project, Style Arts participated in the Design Development Phase + BIM System Comprehensive Application + Production Phase.

    The pro_x0002_ject is adjacent to the Cotai City Macau East Asian Games Gymnasium, including 3 luxury hotels offering approximately 2,000 guest rooms, 90% of which are non-gaming elements, and the overall architecture was French classical. SA undertook the most complex podium of the building, GRC, GRP’s design development and production project, with a total participation area of 60,000 square meters.

    Wynn Palace Macau Podium Main Casino Fit Out (GRG)
    Wynn Palace is the first Las Vegas style resort hotel in Asia. We are responsible for the decoration of casino according to the design of Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. During manufacturing of products, We adopted 3D model and 3D printing to achieve the high standard of smooth, double-curve shape, the smoothness of products and finally we obtained highly comment andrecognised by the owner and general contractor
    Standard Rooms、Suites and Corridor Of Macao Louis XIII Hotel(GRG)
    Based on the design of Louvre palace, we understand the culture of Europe and expression of art language, fully reflect the luxury of French palace, the exquisite of art sculpture, and the vivid modeling.